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Wabi Sabi: Earrings

This year, Wabi Sabi hosts a lot of Japanese craftspeople! You can find the craftspeople specializing in earrings here!

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At the Wabi Sabi area, you'll find a host of Japanese craftspeople who'll be delighted to show you their art. Origami, accessories, and calligraphy: come and visit their booth, admire their creations, and leave with your arms full of beautiful souvenirs!

matsu - Floral accessories!

For the flower lovers out there, matsu makes earrings and necklaces in the shape of flowers. Whatever you choose on this booth, it has been made out of a single thread, which makes each jewel one of a kind.

Le Jardin de Gretel - Natural accessories

With her earrings made out of real flowers set in resin, Le Jardin de Gretel displays a wide variety of accessories for everyone.

Habukusyu SHOP - Listen to the sea

Habukusyu SHOP creates accessories made out of seashells. An exclusive product is displayed at Japan Expo, with Kanji characters written on the front and their translation on the back!

miiiio - An ancestral material

 The accessories from miiiio are made from Japanese Mino ceramic. With its 1300 years of history, It is from Mino tiles that this craftswoman makes her accessories.

violet_pink_tiara - The 4 seasons

By combining colorful pearls,  violet_pink_tiara expresses through her craft Japan’s landscape and seasons. Come and see her jewels from every angle in the Wabi Sabi area! 

s.o.f.i - Flowers and pearls

s.o.f.i makes colorful accessories made out of a single iron thread dipped into a resin solution to create the flowers of her jewels. Some of her accessories used Akoya pearls!

WOL - Rocks in every shape

The accessories of the craftswoman WOL are created from bright-colored rocks coming from all over the world. At her booth, you can watch a demonstration of rock cutting on the rock of your choice! 

Sawa.. - Silk accessories

Featuring floral patterns, the accessories of Sawa.., in reality, are made out of silk. Make the softness of her earrings yours in the Wabi Sabi area!

Yuiyui - Braided accessories!

Crafted using the mizuhiki technique (the creation of volume from braided ropes), the accessories of Yuiyui are light and colorful!

Gatto Libero - Embrace the kawaii

Gatto Libero sells a wide variety of hand-made accessories in a wide variety of shapes. Check out this craftswoman if you need cute accessories, from cats to cherries!

Iruka AOZORA - Natural lightness

The craftswoman Iruka AOZORA creates jewels made by twisting a thread. The result is light accessories with floral patterns, all of which are enhanced with pearls!

That's all for craftspeople specialized in earrings. Want to see more? Discover the other craftspeople in the Wabi Sabi area this year!

See you soon at Wabi Sabi!

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