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Wabi Sabi : Clothing accessories

This year, the Wabi Sabi area will be welcoming a host of Japanese craftspeople! On this page you'll find the craftspeople specializing in clothing accessories!

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At the Wabi Sabi area, you'll find a host of Japanese craftspeople who'll be delighted to show you their art. Origami, accessories, and calligraphy: come and visit their booth, admire their creations, and leave with your arms full of beautiful souvenirs!

SAK - Recycled ties and pins

Made from 100% silk kimonos, SAK makes ties and pins, vintage and modern alike, to bring together Japanese and western aesthetics.

Shizuki - Bow ties, bags, and pouches

Shizuki creates a few articles, like covers, bags, pouches, and bow ties made from kimono fabric. Among the special items are stoles hand-painted and tinted by craftspeople in the kimono industry! 

M2.Project - Tradition and monsters

Earrings, bags, and ornaments, M2.Project crafts items inspired by mythology and Japanese yokai (monsters). An original and colorful gift, these bags are supposedly infused with "wa" which gives them supernatural proprieties…

Japan handmade littlegarden - Japan, retro-pop, and lolita

Gamaguchi (little Japanese purses), hats, and earrings, Japan handmade littlegarden welcomes you to discover their typical Japanese creations.

CHIHARU collection - Not quite a kimono

Making jackets, sweaters, and skirts made from kimonos: that is the mission of CHIHARU collection. For the lovers of accessories, you can also find bags and stoles.

kinuha - Casual dresses and outfits

kinuha is a brand of clothes and bags made from kimonos but also obis (belts that are used to close the kimonos). From 2-piece dresses to parkas, you can find a lot of articles on their booth!

Teinturerie Mimura - A natural tint

Teinturerie Mimura is using plant-based ingredients to tint their stoles. Their goal is to popularize this method, which gives vibrant colors and allows their scarfs and stoles to truly be resplendent!

TSUMUGI - A thread from paper

The softness and lightness of the clothes from TSUMUGI are due to the thread being used: a mix of used paper and wood coming from thinning. The result is obtained thanks to durable craftsmanship combined with traditional dyeing techniques.

Atelier Hally - Kimono at the service of fashion

Atelier Hally is using kimonos to create bags, shirts, and other luxury items. You can find clothes sewn together with gold and silver threads. Come say hi at their booth in the Wabi Sabi area!

COMS - Nails in the colors of the seasons

Do you want to get a manicure? Enjoy the experience and professionalism of COMS to do a makeover in the color of the four seasons!

That's all for craftspeople specialized in clothing accessories. Want to see more? Discover the other craftspeople in the Wabi Sabi area this year!

See you soon at Wabi Sabi!

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