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Unleash your energy with the Fédération Française de Karaté!

Karate involves the use of both offensive and defensive techniques involving all parts of the body. Karate is the product of a rich history, with numerous variations linked to different cultures and eras. The sheer number of variations testifies to its great cultural richness!

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Discover the practice of karate through different activities (from 5 years old) over 45-minute sessions, all without registration!

Once you've been fitted with a kimono and belt, the group invites you to follow a warm-up before beginning your training by teaching you the basics of KATA and COMBAT.

Finally, let your efforts bear fruit in a striking and target-moving workshop. As the aim of the session is to teach you the world of karate, the last 10 minutes are set aside for the athletes to give you top-level demonstrations.

about the Fédération française de karaté

The Fédération Française de Karaté et Disciplines Associées (FFK) is a French association under the law of 1901, founded in 1975, which is responsible for organizing and developing the practice of Karate Do, Karate Jutsu, Vietnamese Martial Arts, Southeast Asian Martial Arts, Yoseikan Budo, Krav Maga, Para-Karate and adapted Para-Karate.

As a delegated federation of the French Ministry of Sport, it is responsible for all relations with foreign federations and organizations in its disciplines, for establishing international regulations and organizing international championships and competitions, as well as international meetings, open competitions, cups and other events.

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