Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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J-music is offered to you with PACHI PACHI PROJECT!

From J-rock to J-pop, get ready to live an immersive experience in the heart of J-music on the stand of PACHI PACHI PROJECT!

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Pachi Pachi Project

The association PACHI PACHI PROJECT promotes J-music in France. Since its creation in 2022, the association has distinguished itself by its broadcast channels, such as a web radio, a free magazine, and a J-music news site. Come pick up the second issue of their free magazine, Pachi Magazine, exclusively at their booth at Japan Expo

After the success of their booth at Japan Expo Sud 2023, where they were the partner to the venue of singer Takuya Sugimoto, they are back for Japan Expo 2023

At PACHI PACHI PROJECT, friendly moments and communication between artists and fans are valued. The collective firmly believes that music can bring people together, and they work every day to achieve this goal. 


For Japan Expo, PACH PACHI PROJECT saw big and invited talented artists. Find Wings of Artemis, idols from Greek mythology, U&Pia, the perfect mix of J-pop and K-pop in the body of 7 beautiful Prince Charming, and Hiroto, a charismatic model who will take control of the PACH PACHI socials to meet & greet these two groups of talented idols.

Activities at the booth

  • At the PACHI PACHI PROJECT booth, you can find everything you need, like cute writing papers and stickers, useful to write adorable fan letters to your favorite artists. PACHI PACHI PROJECT will take care of handing them over directly to their Japanese agencies. Your love words and your support will reach the artists you admire! 
  • You can also enjoy affable moments with your friends in front of their big screen, streaming music videos and concerts. Dive into the electrifying atmosphere of J-music and vibrate to the rhythm of the amazing performances by your favorite artists!
  • Immortalize unforgettable moments with their partner artists during photocalls. Bring back with you unique memories from Japan Expo thanks to PACHI PACHI PROJECT!
  • PACHI PACHI PROJECT is proud to inaugurate their exhibition: "Introduction to J-music". Dive into the fascinating world of Japanese music and explore the different musical styles that make up its rich and varied landscape. Discover the specificities of each genre and let yourself be carried away by the diversity and creativity of the Japanese music scene.

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