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Ile-de-France Go league

Ile-de-France Go league will have a booth at Japan Expo to initiate you at the game of Go.

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about ile-de-france go league

The Ile-de-France Go League gathers 23 clubs from Ile-de-FranceEure-et-LoireLoire-et-CherLoiret and Yonne. The league's missions revolve around the development of the game of Go at the regional level, by helping the creation of clubs, the organization of tournamentstraining coursesactivities dedicated to young people and initiation to the game of Go at events. The Go League offers initiations according to the atari-go method, which can be found in the pedagogical documents of the French Go Federation (FFG). 

Born in China several thousand years ago, the game of Go is one of the 4 sacred Asian arts and has been played in Japan for more than 1,200 years. It has only recently spread to the West, notably with the publication of the manga Hikaru no Go in the early 2000s, and it now enjoys a great reputation there.

The rules can be learned in a few minutes and allow beginners to quickly play exciting games.

stand activities

Go is a game of inexhaustible richness, and its simplicity makes it accessible to even the youngest players. The members of the association invite anyone wishing to explore the subtleties of the game further to join them at their stand and take part in their activities, with introductions to the game of Go for beginners, games for experienced players, tournaments in which visitors play with suitable playing partners, and exhibition panels on the game of Go. More than just a game, Go can be a philosophy of life! Come and discover the game, or improve your skills, with our instructors from the Ile de France region.

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