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Gundam 40th Anniversary exhibit

For the 40th Anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, don’t miss the exhibit dedicated to the famous saga and (re)discover the work created by the illustrious Yoshiyuki TOMINO, also attending the festival.

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Created in 1979 by Yoshiyuki TOMINO, Gundam is a Japanese pop culture monument whose franchise is still a social phenomenon 40 years after its creation.

For the 40th anniversary of the Gundam saga, Japan Expo presents an anniversary exhibit of more than 200sqm, that invites you to understand and go through the history of this phenomenon. The Gundam 40th Anniversary exhibit first immerses you in its founding universe, the Universal Century, then in more recent iterations.


Come discover the depth of the Gundam universe through the exhibition that will show you a selection of anime and movies by means of boards and screenshots, but also settei (drawing models) of various anime. And discover anime into the screening room inside the exhibition.

The exhibit continues with the presentation of multiple forms that the Gundam universe took, that is to say manga, video games, templates etc., and the other works of the father of the saga: Yoshiyuki TOMINOanime Guest of Honor of the festival, who will be meeting you on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday: click here for more information.


Don't miss the dioramas realized by Star Hill Team, the Gunpla given by Bandai and have fun taking photos with characters from the saga thanks to the figures exhibited.

Let's enjoy the exhibit and learn more about this rich and amazing universe in Hall 5A exhibit area!


In partnership with SUNRISE and BANDAI S.A.S., with Star Hill Team contribution.

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