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Yosakoi demos with the FFY

The French Federation of Yosakoi introduces you to yosakoi, an energetic and rhythmic Japanese dance that mixes traditional and modern dance moves. Fill up your energy with them!

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Usually danced by big crew, yosakoi is a unique dance style from Japan. Regularly danced at festivals and events around Japanese culture, yosakoi is very energetic and combines traditional dance moves with modern music.

The French Federation of Yosakoi brings together French yosakoi teams, which, in addition to their local events, gather at major events such as Japan Expo. The federation prepares you great entertainments on their stand and wonderful show on stages.



The French Federation of Yosakoi offers you a yosakoi exhibition spot, to:

  • publicize the French Federation of Yosakoi, which is both a symbol of unity and diversity of the various French crews,
  • promote the various local teams by spreading the Japanese culture of yosakoi,
  • promote the yosakoi French team which participates at the Yosakoi Festival in Kochi (Shikoku, Japan) in 2020.
  • present the yosakoi, through video broadcasting, posters, different quiz and games with the public.

Don’t miss the French Federation of Yosakoi activities during the 20th anniversary of Japan Expo

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