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For its 20th Anniversary, Japan Expo is highlighting cosplay with an exceptional event: The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration, which will bring together dozens of cosplayers who have performed at the festival in the last 20 years. Among them, let's discover Robin, an amazing cosplayer!

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With 10 years of cosplay behind her, Robin quickly got keen on this activity because it brought together arts she was very interested in, such as sewing, painting, make-up, role play, etc.

In addition to the artistic aspect, cosplay has been a real inspiration for Robin who is a shy person. She entered a lot of competitions from the moment she started cosplay and performing on stage helped her develop her self-confidence, overcome her shyness, express and always surpass herself.


Even if she has traveled a lot and lived in different countries, cosplay has always followed her. It has even allowed her to meet amazing people and share other cultures on other continents.

Come see Robin’s performance during The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration

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