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Long-time cosplayer Shibeez is looking forward to seeing you at Japan Expo!

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Shibeez has been cosplaying for over fifteen years, and still enjoys it as much as when she started. At a rate of between 5 and 15 costumes a year, she now has a number of completed costumes to her credit (don't ask for the exact number, she's stopped counting beyond her ten fingers...), most of which have been worn on stage for generally wild performances.

Her credo: characters who are often little-known, rarely main characters. These are often the ones that attract her, because she believes that they are what make a story rich, and she always chooses the characters she wants to embody according to their personality, no matter how difficult the costume. After all, the whole point of cosplay is to enjoy yourself by cosplaying whatever you want!

Each new costume is an opportunity to push back your limits by learning new techniques and discovering new materials, each new convention an opportunity to meet new people and exchange new tips... After all, cosplay is all about sharing, and above all, FUN!


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