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Inô RIE is a Japanese actress born in Tokyo in 1967, who has played a variety of roles. Internationally, however, she is best known for her role as Sadako in Ring!

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In 1987, Inô RIE joined the world of theater at the laboratory theater Banyû Inryoku. Since then, she has remained a member of the troupe, taking part in numerous shows, sometimes choreographing and directing them. During performances, she also dubs the actors' dialogues in sign language.

In December 2018, she stars in an independent performance of Night on the Galactic Railroad, inspired by the book of the same name. Inô RIE is known internationally for frightening audiences in her role as Sadako, antagonist in the films Ring, released in 1998 and Ring 2, released in 1999. Her theatrical skills and performance in the films helped make Sadako's character a horror icon in the world.

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