Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Yuks General

Known for her crossplays and her intricate armors, Yuks General comes to Japan Expo to share with you all her expertise. Meet her also during the ECG finals as a jury member!

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An inspiration for many, the Chinese American cosplayer Yuks General left everything behind to travel the world for her passion. She specializes in the making of props and crossplays, a type of cosplay where the person dresses up as a character of a different gender.


Her use of various materials and techniques such as foam, 3D printing or molding enables her to create complex costumes with striking realism. She is also very good at makeup since she switches between genders quite often to suit her characters as much as possible.

Don’t miss Yuks General at Japan Expo during the European Cosplay Gathering Season 7 finals where she will be a jury member along with cosplayers Kairi and Echow! You can also meet her on her booth every day and at a masterclass in the Workshop Cosplay room where she reveals her secrets to make amazing costumes.

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