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Yûgo Kobayashi

Yûgo Kobayashi is a renowned mangaka in France and Japan. Come and rediscover his soccer manga, Ao Ashi!

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Discover the work of guest of honor manga Yûgo Kobayashi! Ao Ashi is a manga published since 2015 by Shogakukan in Japan and since 2021 by Mangetsu in France, which tells the story of the rise of middle-schoolers in the world of soccer. The manga won the 65th Manga Awards in 2019, cementing its place on the sports manga podium.

Yûgo Kobayashi will honor us with his presence in France at Japan Expo, a special occasion as the Euro final takes place on Sunday July 14! Come and meet him, and discover volume 23 of AO ASHI, the first volume of AO ASHI Brother Foot, an AO ASHI spin-off focusing on Ashito's older brother, and volume 4 of Fermat Kitchen!

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