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Yowamushi Pedal

Adapted from Wataru WATANABE's famous manga, the Yowamushi Pedal musical is inviting you to watch Sakamichi and his team of cyclists for a thrilling show!

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Written and illustrated by Wataru WATANABEYowamushi Pedal is a manga about cycling published by Weekly Shônen Champion. As soon as its first pages were launched back in 2008, it was met with great success among manga and bicycle fans alike. The story focuses on Sakamichi ONODA, a friendless geek teenager, who tries to win the Inter-High School Championship with his teammates of Sohoku High School Bicycle Club.

An anime adaptation was produced in October 2013 the second season of which aired a year later. The movie Yowamushi Pedal was launched in August 2015, followed by a drama version in 2016. The third season of the anime has been broadcasted since January 2017 and reaches a steadily increasing number of spectators.


Nishida SHATNER, one of the most talented playwright and director in Japan, worked on the musical version of Yowamushi Pedal with his uniquely-crafted technique named “Puzzle Ride System”. The team of widely appreciated and proficient actors has been contributing to its superb quality of stage production reproducing road bicycle racing by showing their intense emotions and actions.

The music was composed by manzo, a hit-song maker and composer of animation and stage productions. The stage version of the songs Koi no Hime Hime Pettanko and Hime no Kuru Kuru Kataomoi that you can find in the manga was written by Wataru WATANABE himself. They were sung Haruko MOMOI, a Japanese voice actress and singer-songwriter, known as “The pioneer queen of Akihabara”.

Come attend Sakamichi ONODA and his teammates' live show at Japan Expo, on Sunday on the Yuzu stage, and meet the actors at a daily talk-show on the Saiko ! Stage!


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