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Yoshitoki OIMA

Pika Édition and Japan Expo are delighted to welcome Yoshitoki OIMA, the mangaka author of To Your Eternity, recently awarded at the Japan Expo Awards. Come meet this young artist who is full of surprises!

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Yoshitoki OIMA is a young mangaka, author of the series To Your Eternity, published since April 2017 in France by Pika Édition.

Elle made herself known to the public in 2008, winning a young illustrator contest organized by the Japanese publishing house Kodansha with A Silent Voice. She really made her debut in 2009, illustrating the graphic adaptation of the novel series Scramble Mardock, as she was only 20 years old. Yet, it’s A Silent Voice (awarded the 2018 Japan Expo Awards Daruma d’Or), a huge success in Japan, that revealed her to the public. 

To Your Eternity takes Yoshitoki OIMA back to her favorite universe: fantasy. The mangaka likes to go off the beaten tracks and surprises us with the depth of her well-researched tales, as well as with the way she tackles human relations.

Five volumes of To Your Eternity have been published in France so far. It has appeared as one of the best shônen of the year 2017, rewarded with the 2018 Best New Series Daruma  at the Japan Expo Awards and the 2017 best manga award from the magazine AnimeLand. Volume 6 of the series will be published next May 16 in France.

Come meet Yoshitoki OIMA at Japan Expo on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. She will be signing all three days at the Sumiré area and at Pika Édition’s booth. She will also be holding a conference, including a live drawing, and a masterclass. You'll find all the information about her schedule below.

To Your Eternity: a journey through eternity

 “Through the ordeal of reality, I will get to know who I am… That is the reason for my journey.”

An immortal being has been sent down to Earth. From a rock to a wolf, the sphere launched down on earth by an enigmatic being takes on the appearance (and possibly more) of whatever is near him and regenerates as he goes on in his adventures.

The Immortal finally becomes a young man but he has no control over this complex body. Unable to eat or drink by himself, he dies several times before being resuscitated by March, a five-year-old who will be like a mother to him. "Imm", as she calls him, follows the child who was to be sacrificed to save her village, to the end of her journey to offer her an eternal life as well.

Moved by some lively strength, an impetus, why has this entity been sent to Earth?


In partnership with Pika Édition

Signings at Pika Édition's booth

Come meet Yoshitoki OIMA at signings at Pika Édition's booth (E180 in hall 5A):

  • on Friday from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm
  • on Saturday from 11.15 am to 12.15 pm
  • on Sunday from 10.30 am to 11.30 am

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