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Yoann Le Scoul

Yoann Le Scoul, author of Bravest Journey published by Nouvelle Hydre, will be at Japan Expo!

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Set off on an adventure with Jubei and his merry band in a fantasy universe where powerful warriors, known as Sinisters, are the embodiment of the greatest cataclysms of our world! Bravest Journey is a heroic fantasy shonen manga in 3 volumes, scripted and drawn by Yoann Le Scoul. A fluid read for all ages, with humour, action and emotion!

At Japan Expo, you can meet him on the stand of Nouvelle Hydre in A200 in Hall 5A for signing sessions during the 4 days! Exclusive goodies will be offered with the purchase of the manga. You can also demo the retro Bravest Journey video game with the author.

Bravest Journey: In the remote village of Rock Path, peaceful days are the same for Jubei, a young swordsman in need of adventure. But one day, his grandfather, Donovan, a powerful Sinister, falls gravely ill. Jubei decides to set off in search of other Sinisters who can help him, and learns that one of them has actually settled in the region: the terrible Wyvern Baron-Lee! For his first quest, Jubei joins a trio of mercenaries hired to visit the Sinister's lair and find the daughter of the provost of the neighbouring town, kidnapped by Wyvern a few days earlier.

Yoann Le Scoul is a Paris-based artist specialising in game design, developing a range of artistic projects for video games and comics. He was Lead Artist at the Wareware studio and author (illustrator and scriptwriter) of the Brave manga saga, Bravest Journey, published by Editions Nouvelle Hydre. Its prequel, Bravery, is available exclusively as a free read in a dynamic digital format on the publisher's website. He is also head of teaching at the E-Artsup school in Paris.


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Nouvelle Hydre is a publisher specialising in French manga. Founded by Ludivine Gouhier & Mahmoud Larguem, after several years spent running a bookshop in Montreal, they do their best to help young authors. In doing so, they have become a major force on the French manga scene! 

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