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WillyDono is a 22-year-old cosplayer with a passion for cosplay and what it represents. He shares his positivity and his journey on his networks, where he advocates self-confidence and body acceptance through cosplay!

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WillyDono is a cosplayer who firmly believes in self-acceptance. Cosplay has been a source of fulfillment for this young trans man from an early age. Whatever the gender, WillyDono likes to play with boundaries, bringing male, female and non-binary characters to life.

The cosplayer has always been a fan of Japanese and American culture, and his passion for theater naturally led him to cosplay. After studying architecture, he worked for a while at Disney, helping to create the sets. However, he decided to return to his first love and devote himself to it full-time. On his networks, he shares the costumes and wigs he creates through photos staged to retranscribe the atmosphere and universe of the characters.

WillyDono has already won several open competitions, taken part in conventions, and has even been interviewed about this unique art form. Through his point of view, he explores the meaning and impact of cosplay on self-confidence and body acceptance. At his conferences, he communicates the importance of diversity within the cosplay community, and teaches the art to as many people as possible! He also recently served as a juror at the Salon du Fantastique.

Come and meet him at his booth on Thursday and Friday, 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., share your creations and be dazzled by this cosplayer's costumes!

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