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The pretty boys of U&Pia will be under the spotlights of Japan Expo to spread their idea. Taste their musical utopia mixing the best J-pop and K-pop.

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U&Pia has the goal of creating a utopia with their fans. They will be creating this utopia by taking the best from J-Pop and K-Pop to create a new universe.

Their fans are symbolized in the name of the group with the U (you)

The group is seeing such growing success that it has extended from 5 members to :

  • Aran is the founder of the group. He is also the producer and main vocalist.
  • Ryu is one of the youngest members and one of the rappers.
  • Saizen is the lead rapper.
  • Taiga is the lead dancer. He is in charge of choreographies.
  • Ren Hirota is a lead vocalist and is in charge of songwriting and music videos
  • Takeru is one of the lead dancers and vocalists
  • Seiya is the youngest of the group. He is in charge of costumes. He is the lead dancer and the sub-rapper.

U&pia will be on stage for showcases at Japan Expo. They will perform their newest singles, Move on and AMAIWANA.

Meet these charismaticattractive, and talented boys during their signing sessions

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