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Their presence at Japan Expo last year was a success and THE SIXTH LIE are coming back to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the festival with you! The artists of the ending of the anime Golden Kamuy are back with a showcase and signings!

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"Art is the most beautiful of all lies." -Claude Debussy 


THE SIXTH LIE is a Japanese electro-rock band who are known for their hybrid music style inspired from the newest worldwide hits and their science fiction-inspired visual theme. The band name is based on the members wanting to “create a lie so beautiful you can’t sense it with your five senses.”

【THE SIXTH LIE】Hibana(MVショートver.) *TVアニメ『ゴールデンカムイ』EDテーマ

THE SIXTH LIE is best known for their song Hibana, which was the ending theme for the Season 1 of the anime series Golden Kamuy. The anime is based on the manga series of the same title, which has currently sold over 3,750,000 copies and was selected as the winner of the Manga Grand Prize 2016. Their first Single Hibana topped the charts the very day it was released.

From July 2019, they will be in charge of the opening theme of A Certain Scientific Accelerator, a spin-off of the popular animation series A Certain Magical Index (To aru kagaku no index).


The band has been active worldwide ever since they started their activities, and they have held two worldwide tours, including shows at many of the biggest international Japanese culture-related events, like Japan Expo which welcomed them in 2018!

Come meet THE SIXTH LIE at Japan Expo: they will be holding signings on Thursday and Friday. And don’t miss their electro-rock showcase on Karasu stage on Thursday!


Selected discography


  • 1st album INTEGRAL


  • 2nd album DIFFERENTIAL
  • Single Go on


  • 3rd album SINGularity
  • Anime Golden Kamuy 1st Season ED 


  • Anime A Certain Scientific Accelerator OP theme

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