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Tetsuro SHIMAGUCHI is a Japanese sword master and founder of the Samurai Artist Kamui troupe and his own school, Kengido. This year, he's coming to Japan Expo to introduce you to his art!

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Born in 1970, Tetsuro SHIMAGUCHI graduated from Nihon University College of Art Ekoda. After years of acting, particularly in kabuki, a traditional form of theater, he founded the Samurai Kamui group. A true sword artist, Tetsuro SHIMAGUCHI pursues an art form that blends theater and martial arts. In 2003, audiences had the opportunity to appreciate his work on the big screen with the release of Kill Bill: Volume 1, where he choreographed the film's fights alongside martial artist Yuen Woo-ping.

In 2012, he founded his own school, Kengido, where his students can learn an art form based on swordplay and mixed with theatrical practices. Now with 3 dojos in Japan and expansions abroad in Italy, the UK and the Czech Republic, Kengido is open to all and without discrimination.

At Japan Expo, he awaits you for live demonstrations. Come and enjoy the art of the modern samurai!

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