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Siméon Molard

Siméon Molard is a Japanese sake importer and trainer, who co-founded OSAKE in 2009 and ULTIMATE SAKE Studies in 2022 to promote sake in France.

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Siméon Molard fell in love with Japan during a year of study. It was this event that prompted him, in 2009, to co-create OSAKE and then in 2022 ULTIMATE SAKE Studies, in order to promote Japanese sake in France. Following his apprenticeship with the traditional sake brewery Umetsu Shuzo which opened jim the doors to the world of sake, OSAKE began importing 2 years later. Today, the brand represents 7 different sake breweries, co-founded one brewery in France, and offers professional training in this beverage.

OSAKE is constantly seeking to improve, and organizes 2 trips a year to Japan to study sake, take part in brewing and keep up to date with influential people in the field. Every year, some participants are lucky enough to join this trip to discover what goes on behind the scenes!

At Japan Expo, join OSAKE for an initiation on Thursday and Friday on the Washoku stage!

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