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For its 20th Anniversary, Japan Expo is highlighting cosplay with an exceptional event: The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration, which will bring together dozens of cosplayers who have performed at the festival in the last 20 years. Among them, let's check out Shibeez, an original and atypical cosplayer!

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With 12 years of experience, Shibeez is a very productive cosplayer and she can design up to fifteen costumes in a year! Because she always wants to give her best, she takes every opportunity to learn new techniques, discover new materials, meet new people, and exchange new tips.


Mainly attracted by the secondary characters, because she considers that they make the richness of a story. And she always chooses them according to their personality, regardless of the difficulty of the design. Moreover, she wears most of her costumes on stage where she performs widly, like at the European Cosplay Gathering 2016 finals that she won.

Come and meet Shibeez by attending The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration!

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