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For its 20th Anniversary, Japan Expo is highlighting cosplay with an exceptional event: The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration, which will bring together dozens of cosplayers who have performed at the festival in the last 20 years. Among them, let's discover the sisters from SaSil Cosplay, Sara and Silvia!

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Silvia started cosplay at the same time as her sister Sara in 2010 and they chose to team up and be called SaSil Cosplay. Since then, as amateurs, they have always tried to make wonderful costumes and paying attention to details.

Sara has always been fascinated by Eastern culture and everything about it. She likes to take challenges by sewing her costumes, making armors and trying new materials in order to always improve her costumes. 


At first, the two sisters Sara and Silvia won many awards at cosplay competitions in Italy. Then, in 2014, they came for the first time to Japan Expo and they immediately fell in love with the organization and their cosplay. And they even won the first prize at the festival, in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Come see The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration and admire SaSil's performance!


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