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Salome no Kuchibiru

The new talents of the Japanese music scene join the J-music Springboards to deliver you a wonderful show at Japan Expo. Discover Salome no Kuchibiru, a retro and psychedelic rock band, formed by Satoshi MIZUNO and Kyoko TACHIBANA!

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Salome no Kuchibiru is a group formed in 2003 by Satoshi MIZUNO, the current author, composer and bassist of the group, and he was joined by the singer Kyoko TACHIBANA in 2004. In addition to these two main members, the group is regularly accompanied by musicians in support.

Their musical style is strongly influenced by the Showa Kayo music, which was very popular in Japan and within the Japanese underground psychedelic culture during the 60s and the 70s. In recent years, in addition to the Showa Kayo style, they have created a new style that combines elements of traditional Japanese Buddhist music and other genres such as psychedelic music, funk or progressive rock. They named this style Itan Groove Minyo, which is very popular among underground nightclubs DJs. 

Salome no Kuchibiru regularly collaborates with illustrators, painters, photographers and animators based in Japan and abroad to make their records and video clips. In fact, the cover of the group's fourth album released in 2017 was illustrated by Akira UNO, the most famous illustrator in Japan.

【MV】サロメの唇 (Salome no Kuchibiru) / へぱらぺら節(Heparapera-Bushi)

Their song Akai Inazuma was used in the Triple Threat martial art movie, released in March of this year in the United States and abroad. Their work begins not only to attract attention in Japan but also internationally.

The author and composer of the band Satoshi MIZUNO appreciates and respects the French singer, songwriter and composer Barbara. An influence that we can notice in the Ame no Hidamari song, which is inspired by the work of this artist and which is typical of Salome no Kuchibiru style.

For the second time in their career, the group will be in Paris in 2019, and as in 2018 during their performance Salome no Kuchibiru will be accompanied by the flutist Kazumi SUZUKI. This July, Salome no Kuchibiru will be attending Japan Expo from Thursday to Saturday! As part of the J-music Springboards, they will set Japan Expo’s Karasu stage on fire during their showcases, and will invite you to meet them at signings!

サロメの唇 / 雨のひだまり PV

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