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Rise Of The Northstar

French Touch is also about French music artists steeped in Japanese culture, like Rise Of The Northstar: come discover this French metal band on Sunday, July 10!

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Rise Of The Northstar (ROTNS) is not only France’s most heavily Japanese culture influenced act, be it graphically or musically, they’re also the metal band that has the greatest presence in Japan and the Asian region.
Since 2012 and with just one record under their belts, the empowering Welcame released in November 2014, the 5 furyos have already stridden along the roads of Japan on 3 occasions, with a climax being their show in Fukushima just one year after the nuclear incident that hit the country in March 2011.


ROTNS’ Crossover Metal draws its influences from the 90s metal and rap scenes, and offers lyrical metaphors crafted from some of the most memorable shonen titles of the 80s/90s which illustrate the daily lives of the 5 members.    
If they take the stage dressed in authentic black gakurans (boy school uniforms), it is only to translate the authenticity of the bond they share with furyos (young louts) and bosozokus (gang of fast-driving youth), these young Japanese outcasts whose troubled scholarships have brought together around an ideal of chaos.


See you at Japan Expo on July 10th for a show bound to make the earth shake the Karasu stage!


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