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Let’s celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hello ! Project with Risa NIIGAKI: the former Morning Musume leader will be meeting you on Saturday at an exceptional event!

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Risa NIIGAKI was born on Ocotber 20, 1988 in Kanagawa (of which she has been Tourism Ambassador since 2012). She joined the group Morning Musume in 2001, along with the fifth wave of members, at 13. In October of the same year, she made her musical debut with the release of the Mr. Moonlight – Ai no big band – record (ranking first in the Oricon charts). In 2011, she became the seventh leader of the group.

Risa NIIGAKI made her debut at the theatre in October 2011 in the musical Reborn. On May 18, 2012, at a concert at the Budôkan, she announced that she was leaving the group.

Since then, she has been focusing on her live career, at the theatre and concerts. She holds about one solo concert a year, the next one – Niigaki Risa LIVE 2018 - Popcorn & Chobitan – taking place on July 15 at Shinjuku ReNY, Japan. From late August, she will feature at the theatre in Minato Rokku at Akasaka RED/THEATER.

When she is not performing, Risa NIIGAKI enjoys nail art, going to Disneyland, walking, and photography.

Don’t miss Risa NIIGAKI at Japan Expo on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Hello ! Project, which the Morning Musume are part of. She will appear at the Hello ! Project 20th Anniversary Celebration event and will be meeting you at a signing, on Saturday.

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