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OWAL is a Japanese mangaka specializing in BL, or Boy Love. Come and discover her work at the festival!

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OWAL is a mangaka specializing in BL, whose works are published in Takeshobo's Qpa magazine.

Many of her titles are available from Hana Editions: Sweet Room Escape (forthcoming), Les Fantaisies du RoiMignon et incompréhensibleSur un malentendu, ça peut marcher! (Nominated 6th place at the 2017 Chil Chil Awards), Our House Love TroubleHang out Crisis and Kichiku Encount.

Her most recent work, Inma-kun Delivery, was published in March 2023. There's also Junjou Bitch, Hatsukoi Kei, her first title released in 2013.

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