Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Nobuaki TOMITA

Japan Expo welcomes the great master of kimono, Nobuaki TOMITA: he will amaze you with the beauty of his unique creations and his mastery of kitsuke, the art of dressing up in a kimono!

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Born in Kyoto in 1963, Nobuaki TOMITA first learnt kimono business with a wholesaler in Muromachi area. At the age of 27, he started his own business and also started a kimono designer and stylist career.

At the same time a designer, a producer, and an advisor, Nobuaki TOMITA has created a lot of items for cinema, theatre, television and famous international museums. Moreover, on all the sets he works for, he dresses the actors himself following the strict rules of kitsuke (art of putting on and wearing the kimono).


After coming to Japan Expo Sud in 2018, he has been seduced by the French audience's passion and he has decided to show his latest creations in exclusivity at Japan Expo’s 20th Anniversary, with an amazing fashion show on the Ichigo stage!

And during a conference on the Kuri stage, he will explain to you the creation process of kimono.

More info about Nobuaki Tomita on: kurokashi-kobo.com

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