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Nijicon (Niji no Conquistador)

Nijicon has chosen Japan Expo to perform their first live in Europe: this young idol band is sharing their happy songs with you on the Karasu stage. Get ready to dance along with them!

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The idol group Nijicon (short for Niji no Conquistador) was created in 2014. The members are not only idols, but also seiyû, artists, cosplayers, choreographers, etc. They have released nine singles and two albums since the group started. The three singles Seijou no St Valentine, Love Men Koi-Aji Yawame, and Retort~Kareinaru Ai~ have been very popular, partly due to derived products sold at the same time, T-shirt with a QR code to listen to their songs and instant noodles. 


Within three years, they have charmed many fans and many more keep starting following and supporting them. Their sixth single, Kagirinaku Bouken Ni Chikai Summer, released in September 2016 ranked second in the single charts. Lately, they have released a single + DVD pack of Kagirinaku Bouken Ni Chikai Summer and they are to feature in the movie St Zombie Girls High School in May. 

Nijicon has already attended about a dozen events abroad, in Canada, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Singapore… but it’s Japan Expo that will be hosting their very first live in Europe. Don’t miss them on the Karasu stage and come meet them at signings on Sunday!


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