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For the release of Beyond of the Clouds, an original creation by publisher Ki-oon, its mangaka Nicke will be meeting you at Japan Expo. She will be introducing the first volume of this poetic manga.

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Between her father being a draughtsman and her uncle an illustrator, Nicke grew up amidst drawing professionals. As a little girl, she was keen on shôjo, before turning to adventure shônen under her big brothers’ influence. Despite her passion for drawing, she chooses a very different path at university: folklore and Japanese traditions! Nonetheless she kept filling her sketchbooks, while nourishing her imagination with myths and legends.

After graduating, she started drawing for fanzines and publishing episodes of Beyond the Clouds. Her passion for illustration was stronger than anything: two years after university, she took design night classes. Manga, illustration, goodies design… Nicke is talented at everything she does!

Discover the first volume of Beyond the Clouds, an original creation by publisher Ki-oon, to be released in France on July 5: Nicke will be signing her manga!



More about Beyond the Clouds on www.ki-oon.com

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