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Pop duo moumoon gets themselves more and more talked about: whether you’ve heard about the or not, come see them perform their latest album live at Japan Expo. Singer YUKA’s warm voice and MASAKI’s subtle melodies will definitely charm the Live House audience!

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moumoon was created in 2005 with YUKA and Kousuke MASAKI, and debuted from an independent label releasing the single Flowers/pride on July 26, 2006. In 2007 their first mini-album with a major, love me?, was released, a few months before the single Do you remember? receiving heavy airplay in 21 radio and satellite channels.

In 2008, their first headliner gig at Harajuku ASTRO HALL was sold out. The following gigs at various events got more and more successful.

In May 2010, their 7th single, Sunshine Girl, got straight to top 12 and then top 10 of the Oricon chart. It got downloaded more than 1.3 million times. The mini-album SPARK released a few months later did even better to top 7.

Almost two years after the first, their second album, 15 Doors, was released and celebrated with the FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2011?15 Doors?. The third one, No Night Land, came in Feb. 2012 with a 7 date tour, FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2012?Nonai-land Tour? ending in Tôkyô and bringing in all more than 10,000 people together.

The fourth album, PAIN KILLER, was released in Jan. 2013, with a new national tour, the biggest so far: FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2013?PAIN KILLER?, 10 cities for 12 concerts, and the first live DVD/Blu-ray.

In 2014, they keep on their hard work: the lates album was released last Jan. 29, called LOVE before we DIE. Their biggest tour ever, FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2014 ?LOVE before we DIE?, will start on March 22 with 16 gigs in 14 cities.

Several titles by moumoon have been used in commercials:

  • moonlight to promote AEON’s Mangetsu Rosé, with YUKA
  • Chu Chu for a gloss from Shiseido
  • Bon appétit in 2012 for FAUCHON drinks by ASAHI
  • Tomodachi/Koibito for Ghana Milk Chocolate by Lotte
  • Love is Everywhere for Canon’s IXY

The soft, warm, and edgy voice of singer YUKA mingles perfectly with MASAKI’s impressive melodies. This music is full of emotions, like the phases of the moon.

Recently, the band has become more and more popular overseas, performing in France and Indonesia. And they’re back in France soon since YUKA and MASAKI are meeting you this summer at Japan Expo!

What does moumoon mean? “moumoon” was invented from French “mou"/"soft” and English “moon”, and means soft moon.


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