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Mathieu Reynes

The very talented Mathieu Reynes, author of many series such as Harmony, is at Japan Expo!

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Mathieu Reynès was born in the Paris region in 1977, but spent his entire childhood on the Basque coast. After a few years of scientific studies in Bordeaux, he turned to cartooning and 3D animation at the CNBDI in Angoulême, first as a student and then as a trainer. After a few years, he decided to devote himself primarily to comics.

His first album, Banana Fight, was published by Éditions Paquet in 2002, with Frédéric Brrémaud on the script. The duo went on to produce the 2-volume Sexy Gun series (Soleil), followed by 3 albums of Lola Bogota (Bamboo). Several humor series followed, all co-written with Brrémaud: Les Tennismen (Bertolucci drawing), Les Informaticiens (Toulon drawing), Toutou & Cie (Soffritt drawing) and Les Maîtres Nageurs, which Mathieu drew himself.

In 2007, Mathieu Reynès joined Dupuis, where he embarked on the Alter Ego adventure alongside Denis Lapière and Pierre-Paul Renders. Draughtsman or storyboarder (or both) on eight albums, Mathieu established himself as one of the key figures in this successful concept series, whose 11 volumes were published between 2011 and 2014 - a record time!

At the same time, Mathieu Reynès wrote the screenplay for the diptych La Mémoire de l'Eau, based on drawings by Valérie Vernay. This whodunit for youngsters, with its fantastic overtones - in every sense of the word - reveals a new facet of Mathieu's talent, and will be pre-published in Le Journal Spirou. At the same time, Reynès surprises us - again with Lapière - with the first two volumes of the anticipation series La peur géante (published by Ankama in the “Les univers de Stefan Wul” collection).

In 2016, Dupuis published the first volume of the Harmony series, for which Mathieu Reynès is both scriptwriter and illustrator. With its intriguing story puzzle and striking semi-realistic drawing, Harmony and its heroine with telekinetic powers immediately win over comic book fans of all ages. The series is equally appealing to readers of Journal Spirou, where it is pre-published. As with Alter Ego, Mathieu Reynès's sense of narrative and speed of execution work wonders...

In 2023, the one-shot Un loup pour l'homme will be released, the first part of a new series written for Valérie Vernay, his partner from La mémoire de l'eau.

Some designers put down their pencils like some directors put down their cameras. Such is the case with Mathieu Reynès, whose millimeter-accurate framing is the perfect complement to a semi-realistic drawing style that's as dynamic as it is elegant. Whether working as part of a team - on Alter Ego, with Lapière and in La mémoire de l'eau, with Valérie Vernay - or solo - with the thrilling thriller Harmony - Mathieu Reynès reminds us with each new album that he's one of the authors who count in the contemporary comics landscape.

Finally, since 2023, Mathieu Reynès has been the author of La Théorie du K.O., a futuristic action manga with a strong heroine and a universe rich in ecological and political themes.

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