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If you enjoy the beauty of Japanese women and culture, don’t hesitate and discover the traditional Japanese dance group Maihime, whose elegance, refinement, and tradition will amaze you.

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Under the direction of Somemaru FUJIMA (founder of the Fujima Ryu movement in traditional dance) and formed on the occasion of the forthcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Japanese Traditional Dance Group Maihime's mission is to make foreigners discover the charms of Japanese culture through their dance.

By sharing and spreading Japanese culture, the Traditional Japanese Dance Group Maihime offers a sensational dance show, full of charm and delicacy. As the traditional dance showcases the beauty and elegance of the kimono worn by the dancers. An elegance that we find in the Fujima Ryu style, which expresses the beauty and refinement of Japanese women through the subtlety of the dancers’ gazes or the delicate movements of their hands.

Rich of their traditional Japanese dance mastery and with an eminent sense of hospitality, the members of the Traditional Japanese Dance Group Maihime lead you to the mesmerizing universe of Japanese dance, both traditional and modern.

Discover the charms of Japanese women, their elegance and grace during the Maihime traditional Japanese dance group show!

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