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MAGIC OF LiFE is shaking the Karasu stage: don’t miss the new generation of J-rock live at Japan Expo!

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The band DIRTY OLD MEN was created in 2003. The worked hard on their music, soon finding their own style and taking this opportunity to change their name and become MAGIC OF LiFE. In 2015, the band steadied around its current members, with Nobuyuki TAKATSUTO (vocals and guitar), Takumi YAMASHITA (guitar), Yuji WATANABE (bass), and Shotaro OKADA (drums). 

Nobuyuki TAKATSUTO is mainly in charge of the lyrics and composition. His songs feature unique lyrics with unforgettable catchy melody and narrative expression. His voice impresses audiences with its overwhelming live power and high tone, which is sometimes beautiful and translucent, sometimes strong and attractive.


Besides actively performing in live houses in Japan, the band has developed activities related to TV anime in recent years. The band has been in charge of theme songs for Yowamushi Pedal and Joker Game. They are attracting more and more fans, in Japan and worldwide.

In 2015, MAGIC OF LiFE launched a music festival to thank the locals in Tochigi prefecture: Don't Stop Music fes. Tochigi (Tochigi Festival for short). Since then, the event is held every year and many very talented artists are joining in. The festival has been attracting the attention of music fans nationwide.


The band has also been appointed as Tochigi Furusato Ambassador and actively contributes to community activities with Tochigi City's mascot character Tochisuke’s theme song.

After releasing the album X-1A last September, MAGIC OF LiFE is now looking towards the upcoming Tochigi Festival next April, and after that, they’ll be performing at Japan Expo, following their motto: "We want to play music that can shake people's life" to set the Karasu stage on fire! Don’t miss them live and meet them at signings. They'll be attending on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


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