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Voice actor on the movie "Child of Kamiari Month", an animation movie released on Netflix in France last February, Leo ASHIZAWA joins the production team of the movie to present his work and this project!

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Leo ASHIZAWA has acted in a multitude of plays and short films in addition to being a model in the fashion industry.

In the UK, he has performed with various theater companies such as Station House Opera. He has also appeared in films, television and commercials

As a voice actor, he played the teacher in the animated film "Child of Kamiari Month" (Kamiarizuki no Kodomo in Japanese), which tells the story of a young girl who is mysteriously drawn to the region of Izumo, and her journey across Japan as she makes discoveries and encounters in her search for answers. The film was released on Netflix Europe in February 2022.

Come and discover the film in screening, and listen to the creative team with Leo Ashizawa, and attend the stage event danced by BANG at Japan Expo in tribute to "Child of Kamiari Month"!

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