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Zombie alert! In partnership with publisher Glénat Manga, Japan Expo welcomes the authors of the manga Crueler Than Dead: the illustrator Kôzô TAKAHASHI, along with the writer Tsukasa SAIMURA!

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Born in Japan, in Kumamoto prefecture, Kôzô TAKAHASHI gives up university and leaves to live in Tokyo. After 4 years of short jobs, he received a manga prize and finds a job as a mangaka assistant.

Yet, as a fan of cinema and video games, he has too little time to keep on drawing. Then he meets Tsukasa SAIMURA at work. But still doesn’t draw. After many a story, he finally gets back to drawing manga in 2011, giving birth to Crueler Than Dead.

Along with Tsukasa SAIMURA, Kôzô TAKAHASHI makes a duo of zombie experts in manga, and they made their best in the gore genre with Crueler Than Dead! Both artists are at Japan Expo this summer for the release of the 1st volume on June 9.


Crueler Than Dead

She wakes up in a scraggy world. She doesn’t have a clue who she is or where she is. All she knows is that she is in danger, a prey in wordl invaded by zombies. Killing, hiding, running on and on, finding weapons, finding food, running away for a place where she can keep on living a little more. And trying to understand why. Why this world, why all those zombies? And why did she, healthy, alive, human, has just been throwing up… human fingers!?


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