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Kanaki SADA

With a tremendous talent and a typical instrument of the traditional Japanese heritage, Kanaki SADA's music sounds soothing and mystical. A not to be missed performance!

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Member of the Orchestra Asia Japan since 2015, the talented musician Kanaki SADA born in Montreal in 1994, started playing shakuhachi (bamboo flute) in Japan since he was 9 years old. After graduating from the Arts University of Tokyo in 2016, he is currently studying at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris.

Profoundly passionate about his art, Kanaki SADA has auditioned for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japanese music contest in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and received in September 2014 the best price of Japanese music in the new performer category. And he also won in 2017 the best price in the traditional Japanese instruments Hidenori Tone contest.


Japanese flute

Initially only for the court until the ninth century, the shakuhachi is a Japanese bamboo flute with five holes, brought by China following diplomatic exchanges. The expansion of the shakuhachi was done thanks to the komusô (itinerant warrior monks) and this flute become not only a musical instrument but a religious one.

Come see and discover the wonderful Kanaki SADA, during Japan Expo's 20th Anniversary!


Follow Kanaki SADA on: shakuhachi.bandcamp.com

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