Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022


The members of Kalafina, a very original symphonic j-pop band, come at Japan Expo this year to give you a captivating musical performance!

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The trio Kalafina was at first formed by the producer and compositor Yuki KAJIURA, for Kara no kyôkai 's cinema version main theme. She carefully chose each band member: Wakana for her flexible and refreshing voice, Keiko for her deep and captivating vocal style, and Hikaru for her clear and tense voice.

In 2008, their first single Oblivious strongly marked the start of their success, and all their following musical projects entered the Top 10 of Oricon’s weekly album chart, like their fourth album Consolation, released in 2013 and immediately ranked #3 at the Oricon’s chart.

From 2009 on, they invested a lot in gigs, and their tour for the album Consolation gathered around 20.000 people during the 15 dates, in 9 different towns.

The members of Kalafina are also famous throughout the world. In 2009, they participated at an anime festival in Boston, before they started their first oneman tour in 2010, with stops at Taipei, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Then, they joined in several anime events in LA, in Singapore, in Malaysia, in Germany and in Indonesia. In May of 2013, they perform at the Anime Central 2013, the third largest North American anime convention, and gathered 3.000 spectators!

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