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Julien Blondel

Julien Blondel began working in the literary world in 1994, writing short stories and screenplays. Come and read his latest creation, drawn by SHONEN and published by Mana Books!

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Julien Blondel began his literary career in 1994, writing for various magazines including Casus Belli, after which he moved to Paris and became editor-in-chief of Backstab.

He entered the world of role-playing games, designing games such as Prophecy and Vermine, which won him the Grog d'or award for best game in 2005. The same year, he became collection director at Le Septième Cercle, publishing an interactive book adapted from The Wizard of Oz. In 2006, he set up Studio 1D, which has produced a number of business games, including Trust for Danone and Reveal by l'Oréal, as well as a trading card game adaptation of Dofus.

He returns this year as scriptwriter for the new manga published by Mana BooksDARK SOULS REDEMPTION, which will take shape thanks to SHONEN's drawings.

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about mana books

A subsidiary of the AC Media group, founded in 2017 by Ahmed Agne, co-founder of Ki-oon, Mana Books is a publisher specializing in pop-culture. In particular, Mana Books publishes many video game adaptations, such as Metal Gear Solid: Project Rex or Mass Effect: New World. They have also released artbooks, such as Bloodborne. 

They then diversified, adding a host of mangas to their catalog, such as The Apothecary DiariesDark Gathering and Lv 999 Villager as well as in-house creations! Mana Books collaborates with major players in the industry such as Square Enix, Konami, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Warner Bros and Netflix.

You can find their entire catalog on their booth at Japan Expo! 

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