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JAGMO, the first professional symphony orchestra in Japan specialized in video game music, is back at Japan Expo and is joining the composer Saori KOBAYASHI for a showcase dedicated to all video game fans and music lovers!

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JAGMO (Japan Game Music Orchestra) aims at "spreading the culture of video game music." They are the first professional symphony orchestra in Japan specialized in video game music. The orchestra also wishes to help young people listen to classical music and encourage the culture of classical music. They brought together 40,000 people in Japan playing music from Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Kingdom Hearts, Romancing SaGa, etc. JAGMO is made of young musicians, who are well-known internationally and grew up in video game culture.


In 2014, JAGMO made their debut with The Legend of RPG, their very first concert, which was followed by The Legend of RPG Collection. They continued with a series of chamber music concerts. In February 2015, JAGMO played for the first time a “legendary symphony orchestra” concert in Tokyo, to an audience of 5,000 people, a record for this genre of music. The conductor Makoto YOSHIDA, a famous clarinetist who collaborated with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Vienna, conducts the orchestra. Fumiaki MIURA, a violin prodigy, is a soloist guest. They mix video game and classical music.

In July 2015, they attended Japan Expo and performed abroad for the first time. Then they gave 3 full house concerts in Japan.

In January 2016, JAGMO is performing at the music festival Toukaigi 2016 in MAKUHARI MESSE. The show aired on the channel NICONICO in Japan and abroad, and got 350,000 views. In May 2016, JAGMO collaborated for the first time with Touhou Project for "Fantastic Symphony Orchestra". The concert was a big success and got a full house. 

For their second visit to Japan Expo, JAGMO is expecting you at the Karasu stage and will be performing with Saori KOBAYASHI, Panzer Dragoon game music composer, on Friday and Sunday with a show dedicated to video games and their music. They’re here for signings on the same days. 



More about JAGMO on jagmo.jp

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