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Publisher Mana Books is inviting you to meet the artist of the manga Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, the first original manga of the Final Fantasy saga: Itsuki KAMEYA!

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Itsuki KAMEYA grew up playing the various games of the mythical saga Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy VII was even her very first game! Now that she has become an illustrator, she’s working on Final Fantasy Lost Stranger. Her refined stroke gives an epic and fantastic dimension to the manga, that matches Square Enix’s major series.

Itsuki KAMEYA will be meeting Japan Expo’s attendees: don’t miss her signings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Mana Books’ booth and discover volume 2 of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger!

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger

Shogo and his sister Yuko both have a job at Square Enix and share the same dream: working someday on an opus of the Final Fantasy series. Yet this project came to a sudden end when they both get run over by a truck. They end up in a village peopled with Mogs and Chocobos and understand they now belong to their favorite universe.

Shogo and Yuko feel oddly lost in this familiar land: they will have to learn again all they believed they knew about the universe of Final Fantasy and create new alliances to survive a world so much more dangerous than it looks. Their dream is about to turn into a nightmare.


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