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The power metal band IRON ATTACK! debuted in 2013. They are coming now at Japan Expo for the J-music Springboards to dazzle their audience and meet you from Friday to Saturday!

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Composed of artists coming from various horizons, the group IRON ATTACK! made their debut in 2013 and the group is one of the most popular Japanese dôjin (Japanese creation often derived from video games) power metal group at the moment. Moreover, their last world tour was a success, including performances throughout Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, China, etc.

The members of IRON ATTACK! are regulars of the world of music. The leader of the group IRON-CHINO is also the leader of the legendary heavy metal band LIGHTNING. The singer YAMA-B is also the singer of the neoclassical metal band Galneryus. And the female singer, Minus-iyon, composes titles for Haruko Momoi.



With a European tour scheduled for the summer 2019 and as part of the J-music springboard, IRON ATTACK! will set fire to the stage and meet you during the 20th anniversary of Japan Expo!

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