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Hiroshi Matsuyama

Hiroshi Matsuyama is the president of CyberConnect2, the studio behind the Naruto Storm game saga and the .hack series. This year he returns to Japan Expo!

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Hiroshi Matsuyama is president of CyberConnect2, the development studio behind the Naruto Storm series and .hack. More recently, the team has been in charge of Demon Slayer - The Hinomaki Chronicles and will soon be releasing a new opus of Fuga: Melodies of Steel!

During the festival, you'll have the opportunity to see him during 2 conferences; one to present advances on the studio's games, and the other to recruit foreign staff in Japan. In addition to the conferences, you can catch him at signing sessions and a Master Class, which is an opportunity for the more seasoned among you to learn more about video game development techniques.

The CyberConnect2 stand will be selling .hack and Fuga: Memories of Steel merchandise. What's more, 2 Fuga: Memories of Steel ambassadors are on hand this year: Sera Amagi and Yuukineko! Don't hesitate to drop in on them for a chat about music or video games!

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