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Grellcos became an official cosplayer 7 years ago, but has been creating costumes since childhood. A saddler and leatherworker by trade, she specializes in working with leather!

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In 2022, Grellcos took to the stage for the first time at Polymanga in Switzerland. Since then, the stage has become her place of fulfillment!

Specializing in role-play and a leatherworker by profession, she has set up workshops for cosplayers who would like to try their hand at leatherwork in her company, and gives lectures on the subject at conventions.

Since her debut, she has won no fewer than 14 places in competitions, including second place at Japan Expo last year! Her aim is to continue sharing the art of cosplay, new techniques and emotions through the role-playing of her characters.

Meet her on her stand on Friday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.!

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