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Eruthoth, the creator of the trilogy Enfant des Abysses, is on the stand of Nouvelle Hydre at Japan Expo!

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Dive into the saga of the Abyss... A fantasy realm where the Priosths, entities considered gods by Men, live beneath a sacred mountain called Obarakataï. Follow the incredible destinies of those who, sent as sacrifices to save their cities, succeed in passing the mortal test of the guardian of the place!

Imagined and drawn by Eruthoth, a young French mangaka, the Child of the Abyss triology is a mature dark fantasy shonen where disproportionate creatures play on human destiny. This universe can also be explored in the one-shot Obara - Chroniques des Abysses, a short adventure revealing the dark dangers of this dark and fascinating world. These mangas are sure to please fantasy fans!

Meet Eruthoth signing his 4 mangas at Japan Expo, on the stand of Nouvelle Hydre in A200 in Hall 5A during the 4 days! Exclusive goodies will be offered with the purchase of the manga.

Eruthoth is a young French author who lives in the east of France. From his early school years, he had a passion for drawing, but only discovered manga at college when reading One Piece. His favourite mangas include Claymore, Radiant and Seven Deadly Sins. When he began studying art at the EDAIC in Lyon, he developed his own fantasy universe, drawing inspiration from visuals by Kilian Eng and Moebius. Refining his graphic style, he creates intriguing characters and exotic worlds full of mysteries to be solved.

He published Enfant des Abysses in 2023, a trilogy available from Editions Nouvelle Hydre, followed in 2024 by Obara - Chroniques des Abysses, a oneshot inspired by the same universe.

Obara - Chroniques des Abysses (one-shot): Obarakataï is the sacred land of the Priosths, millennia-old divine entities who are the subject of all sorts of beliefs among the surrounding cities and populations. Tanith, a young emissary, has been sent there to deliver her people's offerings to the gods, seeking their protection against a terrible plague that is about to strike. After her boat sinks, Tanith wakes up at the entrance to the sanctuary of Obara. She is taken in by a mysterious hermit who lives in seclusion for fear of the fearsome creature that hunts down and devours any stranger who dares to venture into its territory.

Child of the Abyss (manga finished in 3 volumes): Like every year, a sacrificial ritual is performed by the inhabitants of Enda to obtain the blessing of the gods against the dangers that lurk and seriously threaten the safety of humans. Kinéké, a young orphan raised with her younger brother, is sent as tribute to the sanctuary of the Priosths, the omnipotent beings worshipped by humans, to give her life in exchange for the protection of her people, despite her young age. But Vora, one of the deities, rescued Kinéké from the clutches of her doomed fate, and welcomed her into the sacred domain to make her a hybrid demi-goddess.

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Nouvelle Hydre is a publisher specialising in French manga. Founded by Ludivine Gouhier & Mahmoud Larguem, after several years spent running a bookshop in Montreal, they do their best to help young authors. In doing so, they have become a major force on the French manga scene! 

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