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Emilie Ansciaux

Livr's Edition invites you to travel with its hundred or so authors and works, in a wide variety of styles!

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A Belgian with a passion for writing and artistic creation in general, Émilie Ansciaux has been writing short stories since the age of eight. She went on to pursue a career in science, eventually obtaining a PhD in biomedical sciences, before returning to her first love: writing.

This versatile and highly independent author published her first novel in 2013 at the age of 26, before setting up her own publishing house two years later. Today, Livr'S Editions represents over a hundred authors, with a catalog of just as many titles, in the fields of fantasy and genre literature.

She has not forgotten her writing, however, and continues to put ideas down on paper on a wide variety of themes. Initially publishing in the fantasy genre (Eclipsis, La Destinée des Mondes), she soon varied styles, writing both for the very young (Doudou, le petit dragon qui voulait lire, Doudou le dragon a un nouvel ami, and La Licorne qui cherchait ses couleurs), and for a discerning adult audience (La Mélodie, Bläckbold).

In 2021, she published Bläckbold, a novella that revisits the vampire myth in a genre flirting with post-apo and horror, and La licorne qui cherchait ses couleurs, a children's album about the importance of following your dreams. The story is illustrated by artist Alexéli Cardi

Numerous other projects lie dormant in her drawers, just waiting for a stroke of the pen (and a bit of space in her agenda!) to awaken.

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