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Dance, comedy, and History, that’s the recipe which led EGU-SPLOSION’s videos to the top ranks on Youtube! And to the stage of Japan Expo where you’ll attend their live dance show!

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EGU-SPLOSION is an entertainment dance unit of two dancers / humorists whose shows are about Japan’s History. They were the first ones to be introduced into the Hall of Fame of the popular dance TV show Super Chample. They perform at concerts all year long.

Unlike other street dancers, they are a dancing duo who can also make choreographies for other artists, perform as actors and MCs, and teach dance in elementary and junior high schools.

They established a record with their YouTube video Honno-ji No Hen (the Honno-ji Incident, watch it below) which was viewed over 40 million times. Also, 5 of their videos are ranked in the top 10 of the most viewed YouTube videos in the 2015 annual ranking in Japan.


More dancing History lessons on this playlist, with (from n°1) the Honno-ji Incident, the Perry Expedition, the Shimabara Rebellion, the Battle of Sekigahara, and the envoy Ono no Imoko who was sent to China.



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