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Shichiro KOBAYASHI is famous in the world of animation as a master of anime settings. He has contributed to major anime such as Nobody’s Boy: Remi, Ashita no Joe 2, or recently Berserk. Come meet this talented artist and celebrate with him the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation!

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Shichiro KOBAYASHI is an illustrator, painter and art director in the field of animation. He’s a brilliant artist who joined in 1963 the studio Toei Dôga, which will become Toei Animation, famous for producing shows such as GoldorakDragon Ball, or more recently One Piece.

Yet, Shichiro KOBAYASHI soon preferred to back out from Toei and create an independent studio: Kobayashi Productions. The company, created in 1968, gave him the proper environment to make his own artistic choices. The main characteristic of the studio is to be specialized in hand drawing anime settings.

Then he became the art director of many significant series of Japanese animation such as Ganba no bôkenTreasure IslandAshita no Joe 2Lupin III: The Castle of CagliostroCobraHigh School! KimengumiKimagure Orange RoadBerserk or Nobody’s Boy: Remi, to mention only a few. All those symbolic works are famous for their striking atmospheres, the quality of their settings and their freeze frames, due to Shichiro KOBAYASHI’s astounding work.   


In 1986, he received the first prize of art direction of the Japanese animation Grand Prix. He’s been rewarded for his lifetime work in 2009 at Tokyo International Anime Fair, and in 2011 by the Agency for Cultural Affairs with the prize of cinematographic credit.

Today, Shichiro KOBAYASHI dedicates himself to painting abstract artworks. He also works to transmit and share his skills. Since 2008, he’s been a design teacher at Kobe’s university

In 2015, it was an honor for Japan Expo to welcome Shichiro KOBAYASHI and the festival paid a tribute to his work through an exhibit. We’re delighted to have him again as a guest to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation. He will be part of Animé 100 celebrations and will be meeting you at panels and signings!

If you're a fan of Japanese animation, don't miss the chance to experience the meeting of your dreamsspend an hour with Shichiro KOBAYASHI, Nobuyoshi HABARA, and Takuya WADA with the Zen+ Animé 100 Ticket [Sunday]!

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Japanese animation is 100 years old: come celebrate with us! 


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