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For the release of the third volume of Ragna Crimson, the mangaka will be sharing his dark fantasy world with you at the festival: in partnership with Kana, he will be holding signings and a panel with a live drawing!

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Before Ragna Crimson, the young mangaka Daiki KOBAYASHI had already published to series with Square Enix: Skyblue, with 5 volumes released in 2011 and 2012, and Satsui no Senki, 2 volumes released in 2014 and 2015. It’s with a contest launched by the Japanese weekly magazine Shonen GanGan (Square Enix) that he was revealed to the readers. The beginning of a long career!

What kind of mangaka is he though? His favorite method: CG, with the spirit of the times. Even when he’s taking a break, he is immersed in manga as he loves watching anime to relax! He’s very active on social networks and supports his fellow mangaka who are published in the same magazine.


Come meet Daiki KOBAYASHI at Japan Expo everyday: as the volume 3 of Ragna Crimson will be released for the festival, the mangaka will be meeting you at signings and holding a panel with a live drawing!

Ragna Crimson - Trailer



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