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The visual kei band DADAROMA is attending to perform a unique showcase – their very first one in Europe in 5 years of career! Discover their catchy melodies that combine J-pop and J-rock and make them so special!

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Between dark, powerful and metallic songs and catchy pop musicDADAROMA can do anything! Their distinctive style go beyond the music itself, as their look is also the forefront of their musical identity – visual kei is a style that favours equally look and music quality. But, make no mistake, DADAROMA’s compositions reflect a true will to attract a younger audience, which sometimes denote with their look on stage or in their video clips.


The band is composed of guitarist Takashi, bassist Tomo, drummer Ryohei and singer Yoshiatsu. Their first video clip Oboreru Sakana is online since November 2014 and accumulated more than 1.3 million views on YouTube, and the band released their mini album [dadaism#4] before jumping into a national tour.

In order to show their last single Dendorobyumu, they have performed a concert at the Tokyo Kinema Club in May, the 5th 2019, and soon at Japan Expo for their very first show in Europe in 5 years of career!

Come and meet DADAROMA at Japan Expo for a unique concert and several signing sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday!

Follow DADAROMA on www.youtube.com/DADAROMA

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