Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Daisuke SATO

After being the art director of the first Yakuza game, Daisuke SATO has produced the third opus of the series and has also been in charge of the production of the action-adventure game Binary Domain. He comes to the festival in partnership with Koch Media and will be meeting you there from Thursday to Saturday!

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Daisuke SATO has joined Sega in 1994 and met Toshihiro NAGOSHI, AM2's Second Development Division for Arcade Software director. Daisuke SATO started as the art director of the first Yakuza game and has then become Yakuza 3 and Binary Domain producer. He is now working as Studio Ryu ga Gotoku's producer and director in Japan.

Daisuke SATO joins the festival from Thursday to Saturday, in partnership with Koch Media. Don't miss the opportunity to discover him at panels and meet him at signings!


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